Project Update! An Interview with the Interviewer

For today’s post, we’re trying something a little different.

After completing over thirty interviews with some of the most generous, patient, and thoughtful social media managers, volunteers, and communications managers known to non-profit-environmental-organization-kind, I thought it was only fair to (temporarily) give up the rights to my digital recorder and let someone else have a shot at the Q&A experience.

Today, I’ll be answering some questions about the research process, the conversations I’ve had so far, and what comes next. My always obliging and hopefully kind interviewer will be¬†Lizzie Boer, a friend and fellow internaut/graduate student.

But enough stalling — the mic is on and the questions are coming!

Lizzie: Hello, blog! I’m excited to be here today. To start us off, how many people have you¬†interviewed for this project?

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