Social Media Roundup: 7 Top Trends for 2015

Welcome to post #5 in a 7 part series examining the top trends in social media for 2015, brought to you by @natureclicker (with much assistance from the rest of the internet). Check back to see #6 in the series.

Image from The Economist

Image from The Economist

5. “Agility” – A Handy Guide to Interpreting 2015’s Buzzword of the Year.

Working with social media can be an unpredictable and precarious endeavor. There are countless questions related to content — such as how much you information you should be sharing about yourself, your organization, your business, and even your goals. Additional issues of when, where, and why to post often further complicate the subject, but content aside — the transparent and conversational elements of social media have their own unique ability to generate both new opportunities and new dilemmas for users.

If you’re engaging with social media with a goal in mind, you’ve probably noticed by now that simply having a profile is not enough. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how disheartening it is to search for a restaurant, business, organization, or other group on social networks, only to find the bare-bones digital equivalent of a mailbox pamphlet — but I’m going to anyway.

But... Cupcakes.

But… Cupcakes.

It sucks.

Obviously, social media profiles need to contain more than an address and map-view. We may be long past the days of phone books and brochureware, but even profiles with great content aren’t necessarily doing any better than poor Phoebe’s Cupcakes here at driving engagement or community building.

So, what is agility — and what does it mean for social media?

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